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English Speaking Class

The English-Speaking Classes are a small, integrated section of a municipal school - Paradisskolan. There are no fees for tuition, books or school lunches. The school building was built in 2001 and is situated near a forest, but still, not far from the town centre.

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The English-Speaking Classes (ESC) at Paradisskolan consist of grades 7, 8 and 9. The classes are multicultural and international. We are part of the school's Blue track. The close connection to the other two, Swedish-speaking, tracks provides ample opportunity for students to experience and participate in Swedish culture and tradition. English is the official language of the track, and most subjects (math, science, social studies) are taught in English. Our students are renowned for their high ambitions and working habits.


Our students come from many different parts of the world, as well as Sweden. Some students continue from the ESS, and others choose this program in the 7th grade. Those starting in 7th grade submit their application.

The teachers themselves come from different parts of the world. All are experienced and qualified. Specialist teachers are in charge of sewing, craft, home economics, art, foreign language, music and gym.

Educational philosophy

Each person is met with respect and understanding, each student is supported in her/his learning. Students are expected to take responsibility and show empathy and respect for others.

The school focuses on critical thinking and social development. Our teaching is aimed at taking students to the higher thinking levels described in Bloom's taxonomy. The teachers cooperate closely and are engaged in cross-curriculum work and projects. We impart pleasure in being creative and a desire to continue learning. Fundamental values, freedom and integrity of the individual, the equal value of all people, equality between women and men and solidarity permeate the school's philosophy.


The teachers maintain frequent contact with parents and students via e-mail. Every student has an individual development plan. The students, teachers and parents cooperate in creating this plan.

Students are called to a coaching-meeting at a beginning of each term.

Once every term there is a progress meeting where the student, parents and teacher(s) discuss the student's development and update the individual development plan.


Paradisschool works actively against bullying. There is an Anti-bullying team consisting of teachers and school counsellor. Each class chooses two Class Supporters who work together with the Anti-bullying team.

Student care

The school psychologist, the school nurse, the school counsellor and the special needs teacher work together to provide help and support for students with special needs.


The ESC follow the basic regulations and the Compulsory School Syllabuses set out by the Swedish National Agency for Education - Skolverket.

Elever på skolgård


Paradisskolan är byggd för lärande i nya arbetssätt och arbetsformer. Den ljusa och öppna miljön ger rika tillfällen till möten i olika grupper. På Paradisskolan finns också English Speaking School och English Speaking Class, där undervisningen bedrivs på engelska. 

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