Support and consulting

The Department of Business Relations is working as a bridge between you as an entrepreneur and the City of Trollhättan. We adapt our assistance based on the needs you have as a business owner or if you are going to start a new business. Please contact the Department of Businesss Relations if you have any questions about where you can find a new location for your business, if you are interesting in moving your company to Trollhättan or if you have an idea or product you want to develop. Please don´t hesitat to call us.

Contact center

Opening hours

Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Visit us

Gärdhemsvägen 9 461 83 Trollhättan

Director Business Relations

Helena Kortered
Phone: 0520-49 70 49
Cell: 0722- 18 79 15

Business Developer

Madeleine Sedeline
Phone: 0520-49 68 01
Cell: 070-510 7315

Trollhättan Convention Bureau

Anki Carlsson
Phone: 0520-49 62 72
Cell: 0733-48 96 74

International Business Developer

Livio Benedetto
Phone: 0520-49 70 52
Cell: 070-622 95 04

Business Developer

Robin Mashallah
Cell: 072- 886 89 22

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