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Gothenburg is just over seventy kilometres to the south. To the north it’s about ten kilometres to Vänersborg and Lake Vänern. To the west, it’s about thirty kilometres to Uddevall and the west coast.


National Roads 47, 44 and 42, and European route 45 intersect at Trollhättan.

Buses and trains


Resecentrum is Trollhättan’s railway station and bus terminal. Trains and regional buses depart from here. Timetables and travel planning apps can be found on Västtrafik’s website, see link on the right.

Local buses

It’s easy to get around in Trollhättan by bus. Drottningstorget, the central square, has many bus connections. Timetables and travel planning apps can be found on Västtrafik’s website.



The train ride from Trollhättan to Gothenburg now takes about 35 minutes. Because trains between Gothenburg and Olso/Karlstad pass Trollhättan, we have good rail connections for these routes. Connections to Stockholm are either via Gothenburg or from Öxnered and Vänersborg with the X 2000.

By air

You can fly from Trollhättan’s city airport, which is only 10 minutes from the centre, to Bromma, for domestic and international connections, in less than an hour. Our small airport has the great advantage of quick and simple check-ins. You can park your car for free, or cycle on separate cycle paths all the way to the airport.

Trollhättan-Vänersborg airport

By boat

For many centuries, Trollhättan has made excellent use of the Göta Älv, the river which runs through the centre and links Lake Vänern with the west coast. The port in Trollhättan is well situated in one of western Sweden’s largest industrial zones, Stallbacka. A large new freight terminal was opened near the port area in 1998, capable of offering transport and logistics solutions for companies in the region – where rail, road, air and waterway transports can be included.


Cycle paths

On the subject of communications, we also have to mention one of the things that make Trollhättan such a great place to live: almost anywhere you live, it’s easy to cycle to work. The cycle path network is very extensive within the municipality, which means you have fast, safe and green links between homes and workplaces, schools and other public services.

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