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This page has overall information about how our website works, how to search for information and how to get in touch with us.

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Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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Gärdhemsvägen 9 461 83 Trollhättan

Trollhattan.se is the official website of the City of Trollhättan. It includes information, advice and support, links and services from the City of Trollhättan.

Navigating the website

​On www.trollhattan.se you can search for information using the search function at the top of every page. You can filter and arrange your search results in various ways to find what you’re looking for more easily.

We hope you find what you need and get answers to your questions on trollhattan.se. If there’s anything you can’t find, or if you have feedback regarding the website, please contact our web communications officer, Katarina Loodh.


Under the introductory text on each page is a tab marked Contact. Do you see the little arrow next to it? The Contact tab opens and closes when you click the arrow. The contact information shown in the opened tab can vary from page to page, which is because it’s related to the content on that particular page. Contact information for our telephone exchange is always shown at the bottom each page.  

Windows and links

Links to other parts of the website are always opened in the window/tab where you clicked it, while links to other websites always open in a new window or tab. Links to PDF files also open in a new window.

PDF files and Adobe Reader

Some of the information on trollhattan.se is stored as PDF files. In order to read these you need to have Adobe Reader, a free application, installed.

Download Adobe Reader

Responsive web design

Trollhattan.se uses responsive web design, also known as flexible design, which means that our web pages may look different depending on whether you’re accessing them on a smartphone, a tablet or a desktop/laptop computer. We use responsive web design to make it easier for you to use the website.

We have focused the adaptability of the web views to work on smartphones, tablets and desktop/laptop computers.

On tablets, content is optimised for landscape view, while on smartphones both landscape and portrait view work well, with an expandable menu placed at the top of the page.

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