Special needs, extra support

School must give all children and pupils the guidance and support they need for their learning and in their personal development. This is so that they will be able to maximise, on the basis of their own capacity, their development in accordance with the goals of the education programme.

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The rules mean that schools may not be satisfied with a pupil attaining the lowest acceptable knowledge level – instead the pupil must be given guidance and encouragement to reach as far as possible in his/her learning development. Pupils who easily attain the minimum knowledge requirements must also receive guidance and encouragement in order to be able to achieve more in their learning development.

  • All pupils must be given support and encouragement to develop to their fullest capacity
  • Staff are obliged to report to the head teacher when a pupil risks not attaining the minimum knowledge requirements
  • The head teacher is responsible for ensuring that a prompt review of the pupil’s need of special support is carried out
  • The need for special support must also be reviewed if the pupil demonstrates other difficulties in his/her school situation
  • If the review indicates that a pupil needs special support, a programme of measures must be drawn up
  • Programmes of measures, and the decision not to draw up such a programme, may be appealed

The same rules apply for all schools

The same regulations apply for all publicly financed activities in the schooling system, regardless of the provider. This means that the provisions of the Education Act concerning children’s and pupils’ rights to development and special support apply equally to state, municipal and independent schools.

Trollhättan has a unit called PPR – the abbreviation in Swedish for Psychological and Pedagogical Counselling – that collaborates with schools in working with pupils needing special support. There are also a number of schools in Trollhättan with specialised competence in teaching children who need support. 

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