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Special needs schools are intended for pupils who, for various reasons, are unable to follow the curricula for comprehensive schooling, upper secondary schooling or adult education.

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Before a pupil is placed in a special needs comprehensive or upper secondary school, pedagogical, psychological, medical and social assessments must be made.

It used to be the case that guardians could always turn down the offer of a place in a special needs school, but an exception has been introduced to the effect that a child can be received without the guardians’ consent if there are exceptional reasons in view of the child’s best interests. Another change in the law is that children with autism who do not have an intellectual disability are no longer included in the target group for special needs schools.


Special needs schools in the City of Trollhättan work to promote inclusion. This work can take on different forms depending on the individual pupil’s needs and situation. Some pupils follow the special needs curricula but attend their local school. For other pupils it is better to study in a group where all the pupils are following special needs curricula. Group inclusion is yet another option, in which a group of pupils follow special needs curricula but attend their ordinary local school. 

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