Preschool and childcare

The great knowledge adventure begins in preschool! We can offer preschool and childcare for your child from the beginning of her/his second year. By childcare we mean preschool and recreation and activities. You can choose between municipal or independent childcare.


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Preschool for children aged 1-5

Qualified preschool teachers and child carers work in preschools for the youngest children. Pedagogic activities are governed by the Preschool Curriculum.

Trollhättan has about fifty municipal preschools spread throughout the municipality. Activities are held in appropriately adapted premises. Many s strive to offer a programme with a specific focus, and organise their pupil by age or into sibling groups.

Hours are adapted to parents’ needs to the greatest possible extent. Night time childcare is offered. The municipality’s preschools collaborate with comprehensive schools.

There are also independent preschools. You have to contact the preschool where you would like a place for your child.

Preschool for children aged 3-5

Tuition free 525 hours/year.

Beginning in the autumn term of the year your child turns 3, the municipality offers 15 hours/week of tuition free preschool, or 525 hours/year.

The autumn term begins on 1 September and the spring term ends on 31 May. The placement is paused during school Christmas holidays.

Preschool with Finnish-speaking staff

The City of Trollhättan has a preschool with Finnish-speaking staff for those guardians who so wish. This activity is offered at Vällingklockan preschool, located in the Central area. 

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