City Manager

As city manager I have the overall responsibility for the entire operational organisation of the City of Trollhättan. All personnel is employed by the municipal executive board and we regard the entire organisation as a coherent whole.

Stadsdirektör Ulrika Strandroth Frid
Unit Trollhättans Stad Gärdhemsvägen 9 461 83 Trollhättan 0520-49 50 00 Contact us

Ulrika Strandroth Frid, stadsdirektör.My job includes leading, coordinating and developing our activities, but also working actively on cooperation locally, regionally and internationally.

My management group is made up of the administrative directors of the City of Trollhättan. Together we lead the development of our activities.

As leaders we also work closely with the political decision-making organisation and provide decision guidance to committees and boards.

The City of Trollhättan is the biggest employer in Trollhättan. We deliver many of the services essential to Trollhättan’s residents’ everyday lives, and our activities are very significant for Trollhättan’s long term development. Each employee must know his/her task, work in a well-structured operation and be given opportunities to take responsibilities and develop. Environmental issues are a priority throughout the organisation, and we want to further strengthen Trollhättan’s profile as a leader in this area.

The municipal organisation has the following service concept:

Our work is carried out on the basis of the policy objectives for inhabitants and businesses in Trollhättan. “Our mission is to implement the strategic plan in the best and most efficient way. This involves contributing to Trollhättan’s long term development as an attractive municipality for residents, businesses, studies and leisure.”

Ulrika Strandroth Frid, City Manager

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