En gammal segelskuta går in i en sluss. Slussarna i Trollhättan. Foto: Håkan Bewert

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Welcome to Trollhättan - a city surrounded by water. Trollhättan is close to the unique Waterfalls and Sluice area, Vänern, Sweden's largest lake, and the Halle-Hunneberg Ecopark, which all make it a must-visit city.

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It has beautiful parks and green areas, and the river Göta runs right through the city. The river basin is a major asset for the city and its inhabitants. The area has rolling hills and there are several paths with fine views along the west bank of the river.

Discover Trollhättan's innovative side and visit the InnovatumScienceCenter and the SaabCarMuseum.

Visit Trollhättan Vänersborg AB is in charge of the tourist office, attractions, activities and events.

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Vy över vattenutsläpp

Water in the falls area

The lock gates are opened and the mass of water is released into its old passage. This amazing spectacle of energy demonstrates the forces that engineers have managed to tame with locks and power plants.

Skylten som står vid ingången till Park of Fame

Park of Fame

The Park of Fame in Trollhättan is part of our marketing of the positive values of Trollhättan.

Skylten som presenterar Walk of Fame i Trollhättan

Walk of Fame

Trollhättan is a film city; over half of Sweden's full-length films are made with Trollhättan as their base. The Walk of Fame along Storgatan has a long line of film stars who have featured in films made in the Trollhättan region.

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