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Municipality and Politics

Welcome to the municipality of Trollhättan. We are the ones running the municipal operations in Trollhättan.

KommunsekreterareUlla Andersson 0520-49 70 40
Unit Kommunstyrelsens förvaltning Gärdhemsvägen 9 461 83 Trollhättan 0520-49 50 00 Kommunstyrelsens förvaltning

- I would say that to have both the power and courage to realize ideas are present in Trollhättan – it’s our vision! Today we are a strong and attractive municipality, but we want to be even better.

Trollhättan has the ambition to grow to 70, 000 inhabitants in 2030 and we are working hard to create the right conditions for that, not least when it comes to municipal services - where our job is to create conditions for the residents of Trollhättan to live good lives, e.g. by providing good geriatric care, good schools, and a good business climate.

The City of Trollhättan has about 4,400 employees and an annual turnover of approximately three billion SEK.

Here you can read about how the municipality is structured and how it works. You will also find documents and records of political meetings, press releases and general information on how we communicate. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us - we are happy to receive comments, questions, suggestions and advice!

Paul Åkerlund, Chair of the Executive Committee

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How the municipality is run

Trollhättan is run by popularly elected politicians, with the municipal council as the supreme decision-making body.

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Dialogue and feedback

t’s by means of a dialogue with citizens that we can become better, so we want to know what you think. Ask us questions and discuss issues with us.

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