English Speaking School

The English-Speaking School of Trollhättan (ESS) was opened in August 1992 to cater and serve the families of the English-speaking population of this busy industrial town.

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The school is beautifully situated. It is within close proximity to the centre of Trollhättan and the magnificent Trollhättan Canal. The school caters for pupils from the age of 6 to the age of 13. Attendance is free of charge.

We integrate with the Swedish part of Paradisskolan when there are opportunities such as festivals, sports activities etc.


This state school follows the Swedish School Curriculum. 

The teaching follows the Swedish curriculum so that the students in ESS are taught in swedish as much as studens who go to the other classes at Paradise school.

The classroom is equipped with a number of IBM compatibles.The Pupils are introduced to the diverse aspects of computer use. The computers are used as a resource. All schools in Trollhättan are linked by intranet with each pupil having a personal access code and e-mail address.


Language development in the earlier years is the basis for future literary appreciation. It is important to develop oral skills and auditory awareness of the written and spoken word from the moment the child enters the school. Stories, poems, rhymes are read and recited to encourage creative powers. Language teaching is completey child centered with materials, either teacher-made or commercially produced, to suit each individual.


At all stages pupils will use number, algebra and measurement in practical tasks, in real-life situations, and to investigate within mathematics itself. The learning environment offered is as concrete as possible in order to facilitate an understanding of Mathematics at all levels.

The Cultural Subjects

History, Geography, Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Subjects are combined to give a holistic view of the natural order of things. The pupils broadest view possible of his/her cosmic environment and help him/her to discover the nature of its components, their interrelationship and interdependence.

An understanding is reached through cross - curricula activity. All subjects taught at school are integrated wherever possible. The goal is to prepare children for life and help them to understand their role in the history of mankind, to make them aware of their obligations to their environment and their contribution to maintaining the conditions necessary for the future existence of mankind and the world as a whole.

In general, History will follow the development of the Solar System, Life on Earth, the Development of Man, Early Civilization and recorded History.

In Geography the study of Physical Geography is the basis for the study of Economic Geography showing the interdependence of all men.

Biology will give the pupil a means of classification so that he/she can structure and relate the facts he discovers about living things. The pupil will gain an ecological view of life and responsibility for his/her environment.

In Chemistry and Physics experiments will give the child the basic knowledge which will make possible the understanding of natural laws.


Pupils develop skills in order to express themselves creatively through a variety of media. In addition to art expression for its own sake, Art is an integrating factor for the rest of the curriculum.


The music programme includes singing as well as musical appreciation. Pupils have the opportunity to learn to understand and read music and to acquire knowledge of musical expression. Music is linked, where possible, with the Cultural Subjects. After school facilities are available for pupils from Grade 3 and upwards as requested in the local music school.

Other subjects including in the curriculum

  • P.E. Physical education and health
  • Home and consumer studies
  • Craft; Wookwork and Sewing
  • Language choice, for example: French, German, Spanish from grade 6.


Admittance is in August the year the child is seven.

The school offers students a structured educational programme until they reach the age of 12/13. There is an extension up to the age of 16 in the adjoining English-speaking classes.


Bus No. 61 (NÄL-Vänersborg) goes from the Market Place in the town centre. Alight at Källstorpsgården. The journey takes 5 minutes. A short walk up the hill brings you to Paradisskolan of which ESS is the so-called Blue Track. The municipality does not pay school transport.


A hot meal is supplied, free of charge, daily.

Child-care team

There is a nurse at school some days per week. There is also a psychologist, special needs teacher, etc. After-school care facility can be available in certain circumstances after consultation with the head person in charge. From 6 years of age.

Elever på skolgård


Paradisskolan är byggd för lärande i nya arbetssätt och arbetsformer. Den ljusa och öppna miljön ger rika tillfällen till möten i olika grupper. På Paradisskolan finns också English Speaking School och English Speaking Class, där undervisningen bedrivs på engelska. 

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