English Speaking School

Paradisskolan is beautifully situated in Trollhattan near the magnificent canal and in close proximity to the City Centre. The primary school caters for pupils from the age of 6 to 13. Secondary school to the age of 16 is available after this in the same building . It is neither an International nor private school - Attendance is free of charge.

Rektor F-6 Petra Dahllöf 070-549 66 41 0520-49 66 41
Enhet English Speaking School - ESS Paradisvägen 10 461 58 Trollhättan 0520-49 66 33

The English-Speaking School (ESS) of Paradisskolan Trollhattan was opened in August 1992. ESS is available for grades F-6 and the teaching is - to a great extent - organized in English. The education is only intended for, and available to, students staying in Sweden for a limited time. In order to be admitted to the program, it is also required that the student has sufficient knowledge in English, in order to participate in the teaching.

If there´s not room for everyone who applies for ESS, a place should be given first to

  1. Child of foreign guest researchers and experts.
  2. Child who previously attended an English-language school.

The Swedish and English-speaking school, from teachers and management to the students, work and mix together. This includes yard time, school restaurant, festivals, celebrations, sports activities etc. This is an inclusive and welcoming school for all backgrounds and cultures.


This state school follows the Swedish School Curriculum. This can be found on “Skolverket” with an English translation available:

Link here>

The teaching, through English, follows the Swedish curriculum and the students in ESS are also taught the Swedish language as a subject.

The school is equipped with IBM compatibles and Tablets for the students education. The Pupils are introduced to the diverse aspects of computer use and digitalization. All schools in Trollhättan are linked by internet with each pupil having a personal access code and e-mail address.


Language development in the earlier years is the basis for future literary appreciation. We develop receptiveness to language, progressing the students’ confidence and competence in its use. We aim to develop cognitive abilities through language and foster the child’s emotional and imaginative development throughout.

The students will practice and advance their reading, writing, listening and oral skills with suitably varied and challenging materials. Language teaching is completely child centered and set to suit each individual students’ needs.


At all stages, pupils will use number, algebra and measurement in practical tasks, in real-life situations, and to investigate within mathematics itself. The learning environment offered is as concrete as possible in order to facilitate an understanding of Mathematics at all levels.


Swedish as a second language will be taught to the students of ESS at their own level. Qualified Swedish teachers create stimulating lessons, based on the curriculum, using school materials and resources to help deliver skills and competence in Swedish language use.


Please refer to “Skolverket” for the other subjects covered in the Swedish Curriculum.


Admittance is August the year the child is six for the pre-school class. International students arriving within the school year are catered for. Students must reach the criteria set by the school to be accepted for a place within the English Speaking school.

The school offers students a structured educational programme until they reach the age of 12/13. There is an extension up to the age of 16 in the adjoining English-speaking Middle school. Math’s, however is covered in Swedish at this level.


Lunch is supplied free of charge, daily.

Child-care team

There is a nurse at school frequently during the week. There is also a counselor, special needs teachers, etc. 

From 6 years of age after-school care facility is available. Consultation with the school and Municipality is necessary to arrange this.

Bilden föreställer två killar som ler stort in i kameran och lutar sig mot varandra.


Paradisskolan är byggd för lärande i nya arbetssätt och arbetsformer. Den ljusa och öppna miljön ger rika tillfällen till möten i olika grupper. På Paradisskolan finns också English Speaking School och English Speaking Class, där undervisningen bedrivs på engelska. 

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