Together towards Europe 2020

Trollhättan, 18-22 May 2016

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The EU 2020 Strategy and its objectives and priority areas have been addressed under different perspectives according to the different target groups who attended the meetings.

The first day of the event was targeting civil servants and responsible for EU departments thanks to an introductory workshop dedicated to the project cycle management process applied to the European projects, and in particular to Europe for Citizens programme.

This part of the programme ended with an exchange of practices among participants from the participating countries on their future projects to be developed under the three themes proposed by the strategy: smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. The main focus of the workshops and seminars organized dealt with local development strategies in a European perspective connected to the Smart Growth Priority. In particular attractiveness of cities and smaller towns was discussed in the framework of project groups.

Participants had the opportunity to analyze the different declinations given to the growth subject through study visits in the field of employment, learning and education (smart growth), in the field of environment and green economy (sustainable growth) and in the field of social inclusion (inclusive growth. In particular the seminars organized focused on a number of specific themes connected to the three macro objectives of Europe2020. These themes of key importance for the local authorities attending the meeting: inclusion in elderly care, reconversion of industrial areas and city development, rural development strategies, inclusion and integration in pre-school and compulsory education, energy savings strategies in schools.

Each day included also study visits in schools (education and energy saving examples), Innovatum Science Park and Business incubator, elderly care homes (integration and inclusion).

Both meetings/workshops and study visits represented the starting points for future project development; indeed, each session of the study visit ended with an exchange of ideas about possible project proposals among international partners.

The conference saw the participation of

  • 12 representatives of Collecchio Municipality (IT)
  • 14 representatives of Forli Municipality (IT)
  • 2 representatives of Camarinas Municipality (ES)
  • 76 representatives from Sweden


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